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About Us

The HR Translator assists employers to ensure that both the language and the cultural elements involved in their communication with Spanish-dominant employees will be accurate and clear. This will prevent the costly consequences that may result from inaccurate translations.

We translate HR and employment law materials in a precise, professional manner.

Our HR and employment law expert translators are native speakers of their target language and are highly experienced and credentialed.  They know the culture, particularly idiomatic expressions, in order to get across the meaning of the message rather than just a literal rendering of it. They have worked as HR professionals, managers and employment attorneys and their academic credentials range from Bachelor to Masters to Juris Doctorate degrees.

Our translators have the ability to use the appropriate language style required by our clients for each individual document translated, from simple every day language, to highly specialized language. This results in effective in-language communications.

We choose our translators based on their expertise in a specific subject as well as their language and education credentials.

We also provide on-site interpretation services.  When you need someone to come to you, we can assist.  Our interpreters are native Spanish-speakers  with a high command of grammar, syntax and semantics.

We are committed to providing quality service to the HR community. We believe that the quality of services as well as a reputation as an expert, professional, and reliable business is the recipe for our success.